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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 2 - Working With MacApp
Chapter 23 - Working With Printing


A MacApp application uses view objects both to display a document's data and to print it. You associate a print handler with a view, and the print handler converts the view's drawing instructions into printable output. MacApp's print-handling classes fully implement standard Macintosh printing, including page setup and screen feedback to show page breaks.

To add printing capability to your application, you initialize MacApp's printing support and create a print handler for the view object that will be printed. The print handler can optionally be added to the view's document.

If your documents require custom page layout or other custom printing support, you can provide it by defining a subclass of one of MacApp's print-handling classes and overriding the appropriate methods.

Figure 23-1 shows some of the main classes and methods used to support printing in MacApp.

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