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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 2 - Working With MacApp

Chapter 28 -
Working With Drag and Drop

This chapter includes recipes and sample code that demonstrate how to

MacApp's drag-and-drop support is described in detail in Chapter 9, "Drag and Drop."

Chapter Contents
Recipes--Drag and Drop
Recipe--Including and Initializing MacApp's Drag-and-Drop Support
Include MacApp's Drag-and-Drop Code in Your Application
Call the InitUDragManager Initialization Routine
Recipe--Turning on Drag-and-Drop Support for a View
Setting Drag-and-Drop Fields Directly
Setting Drag-and-Drop Fields Using the TDragDropBehavior Class
Recipe--Adding Drag-and-Drop Support to a Custom View Class
Define a Subclass of TView or Another View Class
For a View That Initiates Drags, Override Certain Methods
For a View That Accepts Drops, Override the WillAcceptDrop Method
Override the DoMakeDragDropCommand Method
Include and Initialize MacApp's Drag-and-Drop Support
Turn on Dragging or Dropping for the View
Override Additional Methods
Override the DoMakeDragCursorRegion or DoMakeDropHiliteRegion Method
Override the DoMakeDragOutlineRegion Method
Setting the Drag Cursor

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