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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp /

Chapter 1 -
MacApp Overview

This chapter introduces the MacApp class library and provides a high-level overview of a MacApp application. It also provides a brief summary of the programming features MacApp supports, as well as a description of the sample applications distributed with MacApp.

MacApp is an object-oriented application framework designed to help create robust Macintosh applications. MacApp provides basic components every Macintosh program needs, while it shields the developer from some of the complexity of the Macintosh Operating System.

Because MacApp makes it easier to build an application, you can rapidly create complex prototypes, greatly enhancing your ability to develop new algorithms and test their performance. You can concentrate on your areas of expertise while still creating applications that follow the Macintosh human interface guidelines.

MacApp is a mature product, created through the efforts of many skilled Apple engineers. Developers have used MacApp to create hundreds of commercial applications. Tools from multiple vendors ensure that MacApp applications can be built with a variety of compilers and development systems. The result is a powerful class library that is thoroughly tested, widely used, and well documented.

For brevity, the terms MacApp and MacApp class library are used interchangeably.

Chapter Contents
MacApp's Features
User Interface
Storing and Printing Data
Macintosh Operating System Support
Programming Tasks
MacApp Sample Applications
Types of Macintosh Computers
The Simplest MacApp Application
Other Sample Applications
The Structure of a MacApp Application
Creating a MacApp Application
Defining Subclasses of Key MacApp Classes
Defining Resources to Specify Application Menus
Defining a View Hierarchy to Display the Application's Data
Writing a Main Routine
Processing Events
Direct Dispatching
View Hierarchy Dispatching
Target Chain Dispatching
Apple Event Dispatching
Handling Events
Handling an Event With a Command Object
The Command Queue
Event and Command Classes
Event-Handling and Command-Handling Classes
The Division of Labor Between Your Code and MacApp
Managing Menus
Processing Menu Commands
Processing Mouse Clicks
Processing Keystrokes
Managing Windows
Reading and Writing Documents
Supporting PowerTalk Mailers
Supporting Scripting
Supporting Clipboard Operations
Supporting Drag and Drop
Managing Idling

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