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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp

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'68k!' resource [1] [2] 'aedt' resource [1] [2] defined 'aete' resource defined 'cfrg' resource 'ckid' resource [1] [2] 'CMNU' resource [1] Mail menu 'fwnd' resource 'hmnu' resource 'lap2' creator type 'MBAR' resource [1] 'mem!' resource [1] [2] 'ppat' resource 'ppc!' resource [1] [2] 'res!' resource 'seg!' resource [1] [2] 'STR#' resource 'View' resource [1] [2] [3]
-NeedsVU build flag


AbandonClipboardView method AbandonUndoClipboardView method AboutToLoseControl method AboutToSaveFile method AddAdorner method AddHandle global routine AddNativeMailContent method AddSnapshotMailContent method AddStandardMailContent method defined AdjustFrame method AdjustMarks method AdjustMarksGlue method adorners [1] highlighting selection used with views [1] AdornPage method AEGetEventHandler routine AEInstallEventHandler routine AEInstallObjectAccessor routine AEInstallSpecialHandler routine AEObjectInit routine AEProcessAppleEvent routine and Apple event dispatching and high-level event dispatching and resolving Apple event object AEResolve routine AESetObjectCallbacks routine Allocate method app1Evt Toolbox constant app2Evt Toolbox constant app3Evt Toolbox constant Apple event Apple event dispatching [1] to Apple event objects to attached scripts Apple event object Apple event object model Apple event target Apple event terminology extension resource See also 'aedt'resource application heap illustrated used by operating system application object, creating applications classes, illustrated creating [1] defining [1] launching [1] [2] recipes [1] defining a subclass of TApplication [1] launching a simple application [1] launching with startup screen [1] structure of [1] terminating area suites At method AtDelete method AtPut method attachable application attached script


Balloon Help classes, illustrated overview [1] recipes [1] changing help for a view specifying help for a menu [1] specifying help for a view [1] BecameTarget method BecomeTarget method [1] [2] behaviors overview [1] working with [1] BestFitHeap class BreakFollowing method building application. See MacApp build system busy cursor default behavior modifying default behavior See also cursor handling Buzzwords 'CMNU' resource [1] [2]


cAEOpen constant
cAEQuit constant
Calc sample application
CalcMenuSize Toolbox routine
CalcMinFrame method
    sample code
CalcMinSize method
CalcPageStrips method
CalcViewPerPage method
CanPaste method
CArrayIterator class
CCodeSegmentGrowZoneHook class
cDrag constant
CDragItemIterator class
cDragMove constant
cDrop constant
CFlavorFlags data structure
CFM-68K [1] [2]
CFM68K build option
Changed method [1] [2]
CheckItem Toolbox routine
CInMacPrint global variable
CIterator class
ClaimClipboard method
class ID, creating objects by
class name, creating objects by
ClassDesc class
CleanupMacApp global routine
ClearDrag method
    application interaction with [1]
    basic operations
    default support
    more sophisticated support [1]
    overview [1]
    recipes [1]
      creating Clipboard view [1]
      Cut, Copy, Clear commands
      Paste command [1]
      working with Clipboard [1]
    using desk scrap
    using private scrap
    working with [1]
Clipboard manager
    gClipboardMgrglobal object
clipping a view
Close method [1] [2]
CloseADocument method
CloseAndFree method
CloseByUser method [1]
CloseWindow method
CMMHandleList class
cNew constant
code, naming conventions
cohandler chain
cohandler, responding to alien event with
command class hierarchy, illustrated
command numbering system
command objects [1]
    and Apple events [1]
    and change notification
    and the Clipboard
    command context [1]
    command numbering
    linked commands
    performing command operation [1]
    responding to Apple event [1]
    sending Apple event [1]
    Undo/Redo control flow [1]
    Undo/Redo menu item
    undoing command operation [1]
command queue
command-handling classes
CommandEnabled global routine
CommandFromMenuItem global routine
CommandNumber type
commands. See command objects
CommandToMenuItem global routine
CommandToName global routine
Commit method
CompareObject method
CompareObjects method
CompareObjectsGlue method
ComponentInstance type
computers, types of Macintosh [1]
    Power Macintosh
contact information
    Developer University
context. See command objects, context
    adding to dialog box
control object events
control view classes, listed
Core suite [1] [2]
COSAScript class
COSAScriptCntPtr class
CountObjectsGlue method
cPrint constant
cPrintOne constant
cSetColor constant
CSysMemList class
cUndo constant
current target object
cursor handling [1] [2]
    busy cursor [1]
    classes, illustrated
    cursor region [1]
    recipes [1]
      associating with view [1]
      defining cursor resource [1]
      displaying color cursor
      displaying cursor regions [1]
      modifying busy-cursor behavior [1]
      setting for view [1]
      setting over object [1]
    setting view cursor image
    tracking cursor


dead stripping Definitions_68K file Delete method DeleteAll method DeleteElementAt method DemoDialogs sample application DemoText sample application dependencies [1] [2] classes, illustrated recipes [1] synchronizing control views [1] updating document views [1] dependency space defined gMacAppDependencies global object dependent object DesignatorAsTEXT method [1] desk scrap See also private scrap destructors, virtual Developer University contact information dialog box adding controls classes, illustrated creating [1] displaying [1] modal versus modeless [1] overview validating data [1] dialog boxes, controls recipes [1] displaying modal dialog box [1] user action in control [1] user action in control, alternative [1] working with [1] Dim method DispatchEvent method DispatchHandler method [1] [2] DispatchHandlerGlue method dispatching events See event dispatching DisposeTokenGlue method DoAddBorder method DoAddDragContent method [1] DoAddSectionBehavior method DoAEClose method [1] [2] DoAEMove method DoAEOnContainedObjects method DoAEPrint method DoAllocate method DoBreakFollowing method DoCalcPageStrips method DoCalcViewPerPage method [1] [2] DoClose method DoCloseApplication method DoCloseInWindowOrder method DoCloseWindowlessDocuments method DoCoHandlerEvent method DoCommandKeyEvent method [1] [2] sample code DoCreateViews method [1] [2] document classes [1] TDocument TEditionDocument TFileBasedDocument TMailableDocument TTEDocument document classes, illustrated document operations [1] closing [1] creating new document [1] [2] creating views for determining changes files, working with [1] ghost documents kinds of documents [1] leaving document open opening existing document [1] recipes [1] reverting saving display state [1] saving selection working with documents [1] reverting [1] saving [1] saving in place saving print information DoDeleteBorder method DoDragEnter method DoDragLeave method DoDragWithin method DoDrawPageBreak method DoDrawPrintFeedback method DoEvent method DoFulfillPromise method DoGetDragProxy method DoHighlightSelection method [1] [2] DoIdle method [1] DoInitialState method [1] [2] DoInitUMacApp global routine DoInitUMemory global routine DoInitUSegments global routine DoIt method DoKeyEvent method [1] [2] DoKeyUp method [1] [2] DoLaunchClipboard method DoMakeDocument class DoMakeDocument method DoMakeDragCursorRegion method defined overriding DoMakeDragDropCommand method [1] [2] DoMakeDragOutlineRegion method DoMakeDragOutlineRegion result code DoMakeDropHiliteRegion method defined overriding DoMakeFile method DoMakeFileHandler method DoMakeViews method display versus print only DoMakeViewStream method DoMenuCommand method [1] [2] [3] DoMouseCommand method [1] [2] [3] DoMouseDown method DoNeedDiskSpace method [1] [2] DoNotification method DoPerformCommand method DoPostCreate method [1] [2] DoPostMakeViews method DoPrintCommand method handling print commands DoRead method [1] [2] DoReadData method DoReadScript method DoRealInitToolBox global routine DoSave method DoScriptCommand method and printing and property accessor processing command sample code DoSetCursor method defined for application defined for view setting cursor for view DoSetDragCursor method DoSetupMenus method [1] [2] DoToolboxEvent method DoUndoRedo method down cast DoWrite method [1] [2] [3] DoWriteScript method [1] [2] drag and drop drag copy versus drag move [1] Drag Manager callbacks initialization [1] linked commands overview [1] [2] performing a drag [1] performing a drop [1] promising data recipes [1] building with drag and drop [1] support in custom view [1] turning on in view [1] registering to receive drops [1] setting drag cursor supported in MacApp classes [1] working with commands [1] working with drag data [1] data representation DragReceiveHandler method DragSendDataProc method DragTrackingHandler method DragTrackingHandlerGlue method Draw method [1] [2] [3] DrawAdorners method DrawContents method [1] [2] DrawPageBreak method DrawPageInterior method DrawPrintFeedback method DrawResizeIcon method dynamic casting [1] dynamic memory allocation [1]


editing text [1] See also text editing Edition Manager classes [1] classes, illustrated menu commands publish and subscribe [1] publisher, subscriber borders recipes [1] resources section Apple events section event constants terminology embedded script emulation mode EnableCheck global routine errAEEventNotHandled Toolbox constant error messages See failure handling event class hierarchy, illustrated event dispatching [1] alien events [1] direct dispatching high-level events [1] key-down events [1] key-up events [1] menu commands [1] mouse-down events [1] mouse-down, key-down events illustrated mouse-up events [1] overview target chain dispatching [1] view hierarchy dispatching [1] event-handling classes EventAvail Toolbox routine events and commands recipes [1] alphabetic type-ahead [1] ensuring idle time target change and validation [1] Zoom In command [1] events, processing [1] illustrated which objects handle events [1] ExitToShell Toolbox routine and application termination patched by application ExitToShellCleanupMacApp global routine [1] [2] ExpandHeap global routine


factoring your application FailInfo class FailNewMessage global routine Failure global routine [1] [2] failure handling [1] [2] calling Failure directly controlling register usage error-checking routines [1] installing a failure handler recipe, controlling register usage [1] saving and restoring machine state setting the error message silent failure, generating fAlwaysTrackCursor field fat applications fat applications, building fAttachedScripts field fCanUndo field fChangeCount field fClipboardView field fClosesDocument field fContext field fCurrentIndex field fCurrentItem field fCursorID field fCursorRegion field fDocument field fDoFirstClick field [1] [2] fDraggable field fDragMoveDeterminer field [1] [2] fDragMoveFamily field [1] [2] fDroppable field fDynamicArray field fEditText field fEnabled field fEventList field fFinderJobDialog field fFinderSetup field fFloats field fFreeOnCompletion field fgClassDescList global field fgClassDescListByID global field fgClassDescListByName global field fgDispatcher global field fgDragDropSession global field fGeneratesActivates field fgSignatures global field fHandlesCursor field fHandlesFirstClicks field fHeadCohandler field fHelpId field fHelpIndex field fHideOnSuspend field fHighBound field fHowToSave field fIdentifier field [1] [2] fIdleFreq field fIdlePhase field file forks File Manager fIndex field FinishJob method FinishPage method fInkRec field First method fIsActive field fIsGhostDocument field fItemOffset field fIterateForward field fLastCommand field FlavorFlags type fLetsSubViewsHandleCursor field fLocation field [1] [2] fLowBound field fMainLetterFileType field fMenuID field fModal field fNextBehavior field fObjectToModify field Focus method [1] [2] focusing. See view technology, focusing FocusOnBorder method FocusOnFlavor method FocusOnInterior method FocusOnSuperView method fOSAScript field fRecurring field FreeData method FreeIfObject global routine fSaveAttachedScript field [1] [2] fSavePrintInfo field fShowBreaks field fShown field fShowSectionBorders field fSize field [1] [2] fSizeDeterminer field fStopAllEditions field fStrListID field fSubView field fSuperView field fTarget field fTargetID field fTEView field fUndoClipboardView field fUseAppleEvent field [1] [2] [3] fValidationFailed field fWantKeyUpEvents field fWasHiddenOnSuspend field


gApp1MemList global variable gApp2MemList global variable gBusyCursor global variable gCmdTable global variable gCodeSegs global variable gDebugPrinting global variable gDefaultPrinter global variable gDragDropSession global variable GetBreakCoord method GetCommandContext method GetContext method [1] GetDataStream method GetDataToPaste method GetDefaultCursorRegion method GetDependencySpace method GetEqualItemNo method GetFilesList method GetFileTypeList method GetFlavorType method GetIdentityItemNo method GetIsDraggingCursorID method GetItemReference method GetMarkTokenGlue method GetNextEvent Toolbox routine GetObjectProperty method GetPermObjectAllocationState global routine GetPixPat Toolbox routine GetSetPropertyInfo method GetSpecifierForm method GetStandardFileParameters method GetTarget method GetValidationError method GetWillDragCursorID method gFloatingTEManager global variable gFocusedView global variable ghost documents GivePasteData method global delete operator, replacing global new operator, replacing gMacAppDependencies global variable gMenuBarManager global variable gMenuIDList global variable gMenuTable global variable gObjectHeap global variable defined grow-zone function [1] grow-zone hooks GrowZoneProc global routine gSysMemList global variable gTemporaryRegion global variable gViewServer global variable [1] [2] [3] gWorkPort global variable


HandleActivateEvent method HandleAlienEvent method HandleCommandKey method HandleCursor method HandleDiskEvent method HandleDrag method HandleDraw method HandleHighLevelEvent method HandleIdle method [1] HandleKeyCommand method HandleKeyDownEvent method HandleKeyUpEvent method HandleMenuCommand method [1] [2] HandleMouseDown method and performing a drag dispatching mouse-down events [1] drawing with mouse HandleMouseUp method HandleScriptCommand method HandlesCursor method HandleSetupMenus method HandleSystemEvent method HandleToolboxEvent class HandleTrackInWindow method HandleUpdateEvent method HasAOCEToolBox global routine HasDragManager global routine heap fragmentation heap size, default HighlightAdorners method Hilite method hlDim constant hlOff constant hlOn constant


ICloseDocCommand method ICloseFileDocCommand method IconEdit sample application Idle method idle processing [1] distributing idle time sequence of idle phases idleBegin constant idleContinue constant [1] [2] idleEnd constant IDragDropSession method [1] IExecuteScriptCommand method IFileBasedDocument method ImageDocumentForLetter method IMailingApplication method Initializing Scripting initializing scripting InitUAdorners global routine InitUBusyCursor global routine InitUClipboardMgr global routine InitUDialog global routine [1] [2] InitUDragManager global routine InitUMacApp global macro InitUMacApp macro [1] [2] [3] InitUMacApp_Step1 global routine [1] InitUMacApp_Step3 global routine initialization performed [1] InitUMailer global routine InitUMemory global routine InitUMenuMgr global routine InitUObject global routine InitUScripting global routine [1] [2] InitUSectionMgr global routine InitUSegments global routine InitUTEView global routine InitWithSplashScreen routine Insert method InsertBefore method InsertElementBefore method InsertFirst method InsertLast method InstallCohandler method InstallDispatchHandlers method [1] InstallEditText method InstallFailureHandler global routine InstallFloatingTEView method InstallGrowZoneProc Toolbox routine InstallObjectCallbacks method [1] InstallPreDispatchHandler method InstallReceiveHandler Drag Manager routine InstallTrackingHandler Drag Manager routine InteractWithUser class [1] InvalidateRect method InvalidateRegion method InvalidateVRect method IsHierarchyValid method [1] IsReadyToPost method [1] iteration [1] classes, illustrated defined


jump table, in application heap


kDataOpen constant keyboard recipes [1] basic keystrokes Command-key combinations [1] working with keyboard [1] keystrokes classes for handling, illustrated Command-key combinations extended keyboard function keys other modifier keys scripting note working with [1] kFileType constant kMoveWithinApplication constant kMoveWithinContext constant kMoveWithinView constant kMoveWithinWindow constant kNeverMove constant kNoIdentifier constant kRsrcOpen constant kSignature constant kStandardLetterType constant kUsesDataFork constant kUsesRsrcFork constant

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