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Inside Macintosh:

Programmer's Guide to MacApp

MacApp is an object-oriented application framework that provides many of the basic features of a standard Macintosh application. MacApp handles the details of working with the Macintosh Operating System and user interface, allowing you to concentrate on your areas of expertise.

The Programmer's Guide explains the theory and architecture behind MacApp, describes the programming features MacApp supports, and provides sample code and step-by-step instructions for implementing a variety of program features.

A companion reference, the MacApp Class and Method Reference , describes the classes, methods, fields, and global variables and functions of the MacApp class library.

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Book Contents
Figures and Tables
Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - MacApp Overview
Part 1 - MacApp Theory and Architecture
Chapter 2 - Basic Operations
Chapter 3 - Core Technologies
Chapter 4 - Launching and Terminating an Application
Chapter 5 - Events and Commands
Chapter 6 - Scripting
Chapter 7 - Document Handling
Chapter 8 - Displaying, Manipulating, and Printing Data
Chapter 9 - Drag and Drop
Part 2 - Working With MacApp
Chapter 10 - Working With Objects
Chapter 11 - Working With Applications
Chapter 12 - Working With Menus
Chapter 13 - Working With Events and Commands
Chapter 14 - Working With Scripting
Chapter 15 - Working With the Mouse
Chapter 16 - Working With Documents
Chapter 17 - Working With Views
Chapter 18 - Working With Windows
Chapter 19 - Working With Dialog Boxes and Controls
Chapter 20 - Working With the Keyboard
Chapter 21 - Working With the Cursor
Chapter 22 - Working With the Clipboard
Chapter 23 - Working With Printing
Chapter 24 - Working With Memory and Failure Handling
Chapter 25 - Working With Lists and Iteration
Chapter 26 - Working With Dependencies
Chapter 27 - Working With Streams
Chapter 28 - Working With Drag and Drop
Chapter 29 - Working With PowerTalk Mailers
Chapter 30 - Working With Balloon Help
Chapter 31 - Working With the Edition Manager
Appendix A - Working With the MacApp Build System
Appendix B - Organization of the MacApp Class Library
Appendix C - Organization of MacApp's Source Code

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