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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 1 - MacApp Theory and Architecture

Chapter 3 -
Core Technologies

This chapter describes technologies that are widely used by the MacApp class library and by most MacApp applications. The following topics are covered:

Chapter Contents
Basic Operations on Dependencies
Storing Dependency Relationships
Establishing and Removing Dependencies
Iterating Over Dependents and Notifiers
Change Notification and Command Objects
Updating Algorithms
Marking Objects
Dependency Space Data Structures
Streaming Object Data
Examples of Using Streams in MacApp
Advantages of Using Streams
Disadvantages of Using Streams
File Formats
Speed and Data Access
Ease of Modification
Failure Handling
The Failure Routine
The FailInfo Class
The Try Macro
Saving and Restoring the Machine State
Calling Success to Remove a Failure Handler From the List
The MAVolatile and MAVolatileInit Macros
Failure Handling Embedded in Objects
Lists and Iteration
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Permanent and Temporary Memory
Determining the Size of Memory Reserves
The Grow-Zone Function
Grow-Zone Hooks
Purging Algorithms
Initializing MacApp's Memory Management
Initializing MacApp's Segment Management
Allocating Objects
Creating an Object in the Object Heap
Freeing an Object in the Object Heap
Recovering Freed Memory
Replacing MacApp's Global New and Delete Operators
Segment Management (68K-Based Applications Only)
The Power Macintosh Doesn't Require Segmentation
Segmenting a 68K Macintosh Application
Segmentation Strategies
Using ModelFar Addressing to Create Large Segments
Avoiding Jump-Table Limits
Creating Segments of Minimal Size
Putting Related Code in the Same Segment
Creating Segments
Remapping Segment Names
Creating a Link Map
The 'seg!' Resource
The 'res!' Resource
Trap Patching
Patching Traps in Your Application
MacApp's Patching for Segmentation
Patching for Nonstandard Builds
Patching for a Standard Build

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