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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 1 - MacApp Theory and Architecture

Chapter 6 -

This chapter describes MacApp's support for scripting. It also discusses some of the scripting issues you should consider when designing your application.

For detailed information on adding scripting support to your application, see Chapter 14, "Working With Scripting."

Chapter Contents
Scripting Terminology
Deciding What Level of Scripting to Support
Required and Core Event Suites
Area Suites
Advantages and Disadvantages of Adding Scripting Support
MacApp's Scripting Model
Apple Event Targets
An Example of the Object Model in Action
Components of MacApp's Scripting Support
Dispatching Apple Events
Initializing Scripting
Apple Event Dispatching
Predispatching Apple Events to Attached Scripts
Dispatching Apple Events Directly to an Apple Event Object
The TSetPropertyCommand Class
The TPropertyAccessor Class
The TClientCommand Class
Attaching Scripts
Attaching a Script to an Object
Saving an Attached Script With a Document
Executing Scripts
User Interaction
Error Handling

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