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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 1 - MacApp Theory and Architecture

Chapter 7 -
Document Handling

This chapter describes MacApp's implementation of document classes and examines the operations your application can perform with documents.

Chapter Contents
MacApp's Document Classes
The TDocument Class
The TFileBasedDocument Class
The TEditionDocument Class
The TMailableDocument Class
The TTEDocument Class
Document Operations
How MacApp Document Classes Work With Files
Kinds of Documents
Creating a New Document
How a MacApp Document Uses File Forks
Opening an Existing Document
Creating Views for a Document
Reverting to a Previous Version of a Document
Determining Whether a Document Has Changed
Saving a Document
Saving a Document in Place
Leaving a Document Open
Closing a Document
Closing a Document Directly
Closing a Document With a Close Document or Close Window Event
Closing a Document When Quitting the Application
A Note on Ghost Documents
Publish and Subscribe
Edition Manager Terminology
Edition Manager Resources
Edition Manager Menu Commands
Edition Manager Classes
The Designator Classes
The Section Classes
The TEditionDocument Class
Methods You Override
Reading and Writing Section Data
The TSectionMgr Class
The Section Command Classes
Section Adorner Classes
The Section Iterator Class
PowerTalk Mailers
MacApp's PowerTalk Mailer Support Classes
Including MacApp's PowerTalk Support in Your Application
The Mail Menu
Mail Formats
Supplying Mail Content
Displaying a Mailer View
File Types for Letters
Digital Signatures

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