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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 1 - MacApp Theory and Architecture

Chapter 8 -
Displaying, Manipulating, and Printing Data

This chapter describes MacApp's facilities for displaying, manipulating, and printing data. It also describes how MacApp manipulates the cursor image and responds to a user's actions with the mouse.

Chapter Contents
Basic View Technology
32-Bit Coordinate Space
Frame Size/Location
View Hierarchies
The TDrawingEnvironment Class
Drawing a View's Contents
MacApp's Adorner Classes
How a View's Adorners Are Drawn
Adorner Priorities
Highlighting in a View
Highlighting and Selection Adorners
Highlighting States
Specifying Views With View Resource Templates
The TViewServer Class
Registering View Classes
Synchronized Scrolling
Cursor Handling
The Cursor Region
Tracking the Cursor
Setting the Cursor Image for a View
Busy Cursor Handling
Default Busy Cursor Behavior
Modifying Busy Cursor Behavior
Mouse Handling
Which Objects Can Handle a Mouse Event
Dispatching Mouse Events
Creating a Command to Handle a Mouse Event
Selecting With the Mouse
Dragging With the Mouse
Drawing With the Mouse
The Tracking Sequence
The TrackConstrain Method
The TrackFeedback Method
The TrackMouse Method
Undoing Drawing
Print-Handling Classes
Recordable Printing
Creating Views for Displaying and Printing
Behind the Scenes
Page Setup
Different Setups Required for Print Commands
Overview of a Print Job
Page Printing
Page Definition Areas
Customizing the Page
Page Strips and Page Breaks
Screen Feedback
Dialog Boxes and Controls
Modal Versus Modeless Dialog Boxes
Creating a Dialog Box
Displaying a Modal Dialog
Adding Controls to Dialog Boxes
Control View Classes
Control Object Events
Tabbing Between Views
Validating Dialog-Box Data
Validating Data When a User Changes Fields in a Dialog Box
Validating Data When a User Accepts Changes to a Dialog Box
Editing Text
The TDialogTEView Class
Editing With TEditText Objects
Installing a TDialogTEView Object for the Current View

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