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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 1 - MacApp Theory and Architecture

Chapter 9 -
Drag and Drop

This chapter describes the components of MacApp's of drag-and-drop support, then shows how to

Chapter Contents
Drag-and-Drop Initialization
Initializing the Drag Session Object
Initializing View Drag Data
Performing a Drag Operation
Setting the Drag Cursor
Performing a Drag
Supplying Drag Data
Supplying a Drag Outline Region
Starting the Drag Session
Performing a Drop Operation
Registering to Receive a Drop
Reacting to Drag Manager Callbacks
Determining the Target of a Drop
Providing Visual Feedback for a Drop
Performing a Drop
Creating Drag-and-Drop Commands
Posting the Command
Linked Commands
Working With Drag Data
How Data Is Represented
When a View Should Accept a Drop
Promising Data
Fulfilling Promises
Drag Copy Versus Drag Move
Move Families
Move Relationships
Forcing a Copy

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