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MacApp is an object-oriented application framework that provides many of the basic features of a standard Macintosh application. MacApp handles the details of working with the Mac OS, allowing you to concentrate on your areas of expertise.

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Programmer’s Guide to MacApp.
This document explains the theory and architecture behind MacApp, describes the programming features MacApp supports, and supplies sample code and step-by-step instructions for implementing a variety of program features.

This edition of the Programmer’s Guide describes MacApp version 3.3.3. Version numbering for MacApp changed after 3.3.3, so that the next major version was called Release 12. The most recent version of MacApp is Release 13, Update 4. Though Release 13 changed many routine names and altered the file structure for MacApp, the Programmer’s Guide is still useful for working with MacApp.

The ACS Network Suite guide describes MacApp’s network framework as of Release 13. It includes sample code and is available in a PDF version only.

MacApp Class and Method Reference
This document provides complete descriptions of the classes, methods, fields, global variables, and functions that make up the MacApp application framework.

This document is most accurate for use with MacApp versions 3.3 and Release 12, which use very similar classes and methods. It is available only as a download in QuickView format.

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