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You can use the following technologies to work with files on the Mac OS.

Alias Manager
The Alias Manager is the part of the operating system that helps you locate specified files, directories, or volumes using aliases. It provides routines for creating and resolving file system alias records.
Disk Initialization Manager
The Disk Initialization Manager is the part of the Mac OS that manages the process of initializing disks. It does not perform low-level formatting or verification of a disk; it simply manages the communication between the software requesting that a disk be initialized and the appropriate disk driver.
File Manager
The File Manager manages the organization, reading, and writing of data on physical storage devices such as disk drives.
Finder Interface
The Finder is an application that works with system software to keep track of files and manage the user’s desktop. Your application uses the Finder Interface to work with the Finder.
Folder Manager
The Folder Manager allows applications to find and search existing folders (such as the System Folder), create new ones, and control how files are routed between folders.
Navigation Services
Navigation Services is a Carbon-compliant API that allow applications to provide a user interface for navigating, opening, and saving Mac OS file objects.
Resource Manager
The Resource Manager provides routines that allow your application (and system software) to create, delete, open, read, modify, and write resource files; get information about them; and alter the Resource Manager's search path.
Translation Manager
The Translation Manager allows applications to open and translate files created by other applications.

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