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The Appearance Manager coordinates the look of the standard Mac OS human interface and allows for the adaptation of custom human interface elements to a coordinated appearance. The Appearance Manager provides the underlying support for themes, which unify the appearance of human interface objects in your application, including alert icons, controls, background colors, dialog boxes, menus, and windows.

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Programming With the Appearance Manager
This document describes the Appearance Manager application programming interface, through Appearance Manager 1.1, and discusses programming topics related to making your application theme-compliant. Portions of this document were previously released as part of Mac OS 8 Toolbox Reference.

Mac OS 8 Human Interface Guidelines
This document describes the additions and changes to Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines related to the release of Mac OS 8. Specifically, it presents guidelines for taking advantage of the Mac OS platinum appearance and the Appearance Manager. This document does not replace Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines. Please consult that document for all user interface issues not specifically covered here.

Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines
Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines provides authoritative information on the theory behind the Macintosh "look and feel" and the practice of using individual interface components. This book includes many examples of good design and explains why one implementation is superior to another. Anyone designing or creating a product for Macintosh computers needs to understand the information in this book.

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