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You can use the following technologies to create your program’s user interface:

Appearance Manager
The Appearance Manager coordinates the look of the standard Mac OS human interface and allows for the adaptation of custom human interface elements to a coordinated appearance. The Appearance Manager provides the underlying support for themes, which unify the appearance of human interface objects in your application, including alert icons, controls, background colors, dialog boxes, menus, and windows.
Control Manager
Controls are onscreen objects that the user can manipulate to take an immediate action or change settings to modify a future action. You can use the Control Manager to create, display, and manage the drawing and behavior of controls.
Dialog Manager
Alerts and dialog boxes present information to and solicit information from the user. The Dialog Manager provides a simplified human interface that you can use to readily implement alerts and dialog boxes.
Human Interface Guidelines
Human interface guidelines provide authoritative information on the theory behind the Macintosh “look and feel” and the practice of using individual interface components. Anyone designing or creating a product for Macintosh computers needs to understand this information.
Icon Services and Utilities
You can use Icon Services & Utilities to obtain, display, and manipulate icons and icon titles in your program’s human interface.
List Manager
You can use the List Manager to present and manipulate data in simple scrolling multi-dimensional tables, like those of a spreadsheet.
Menu Manager
Menus allow users to view or choose from a list of choices and commands that your application provides. You can use the Menu Manager to create, display, and manage the drawing and behavior of pull-down, hierarchical, and contextual menus.
Window Manager
Users enter data of any kind in windows on the screen. You can use the Window Manager to create, display, and manage the drawing and behavior of windows.

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