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AppleScript for Developers

Developers work with AppleScript and the Apple Event Manager to make an application scriptable (capable of responding to Apple events sent to it), recordable (capable of responding to user actions by sending Apple events to itself that can be recorded into a script), and attachable (capable of attaching scripts to the application’s data or objects to modify its basic operation).

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AppleScript 1.3.4
The AppleScript 1.3.4 SDK contains documentation for some of the new features available in AppleScript 1.3.4. Additional documentation is available in the AppleScript Language Guide.

The documents listed below contain useful information but have not yet been revised to cover the latest features in AppleScript.

Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication
This document explains how your application can work with other applications in a cooperative environment to share data, request services, respond to scripts written in a scripting language, record actions in a script, and automate repetitive tasks.
See chapter 1 and chapters 3 through 10 for information on working with scripting in your application.

Mac OS 8.5 Registry
The Mac OS 8.5 Registry is available on the AppleScript 1.3.4 SDK. The registry is a FileMaker Pro database (compatible with FileMaker Pro 4.0 and 4.1) that contains all of the information in every terminology resource in a full installation of Mac OS 8.5. You can use it to learn about the changes in the Registry suites, to look for terminology or four-character code conflicts between your software and Apple standard software, and to check on conventions and practices in the development of scripting terminology. This document supersedes the Apple Event Registry: Standard Suites.

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