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AppleScript for Scripters
AppleScript is a scripting language that enables you to control Macintosh applications and system software directly, without the use of input devices such as the mouse or keyboard. The AppleScript Language Guide, Finder Guide, and other documents can help you write scripts to manipulate images, move files, maintain Web site content, and provide automation of whole workflows.

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AppleScript Language Guide for AppleScript 1.3.7
This document is the definitive description of the AppleScript scripting language. It is an essential reference for anyone using AppleScript to modify existing scripts or write new ones. The Language Guide has been revised to cover new features through AppleScript 1.3.7, to include examples from the Mac OS and the Finder, to improve formatting for online viewing, and to correct errors.

AppleScript 1.3.4
The AppleScript 1.3.4 SDK contains documentation for some of the new features available in AppleScript 1.3.4. Additional documentation is available in the AppleScript Language Guide.

The documents listed below contain useful information but have not yet been revised to cover the latest features in AppleScript. Additional scripting information is available in the AppleScript section of the Mac OS Help Center.

Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication
This document explains how an application can work with other applications in a cooperative environment to share data, request services, respond to scripts written in a scripting language, record actions in a script, and automate repetitive tasks. Although this document focuses on the tasks one performs to support scripting in software, an understanding of the terms and concepts it describes can help you to become a more accomplished scripter.

AppleScript Finder Guide
This document describes the terminology defined by the Finder for use with the AppleScript scripting language to open and close folders, manipulate files, and inspect or alter various aspects of the computer’s operation.

AppleScript Scripting Additions Guide
This document describes the scripting additions that accompany the AppleScript language. Scripting additions are files that extend the capabilities of the AppleScript language by providing additional commands you can use in scripts.

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