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Control Manager

The Drag Manager allows users to select a block of data and drag it to another location, either on the desktop or in a file, even in other applications.

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Drag Manager Programmer's Guide
This document contains conceptual information about the drag-and-drop
process, programming examples, and a complete Drag Manager reference
section. This document is available only in PDF format.

Drag and Drop Human Interface Guidelines
This document describes human interface guidelines you should follow when
adding drag-and-drop capability (using the Drag Manager) to your
applications. This document is available only in PDF format.

Technote 1043: On Drag Manager Additions
This technote describes how developers can take advantage of the most recent Drag Manager features.

Programmer’s Guide To MacApp
(Chapter 9 - Drag and Drop)
(Chapter 28 - Drag Manager)
The Programmer’s Guide to MacApp provides a detailed discussion of how to use the Drag Manager in your MacApp-based application. Chapter 9 describes the components of MacApp's drag-and-drop support, then shows how to initialize MacApp for drag-and-drop support, perform a drag operation, perform a drop operation, and manipulate drag data efficiently. Chapter 28 provides programming examples for working with the Drag Manager.

These chapters contain information that can be useful in understanding how to use the Drag Manager, even if you are not programming with MacApp.

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