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ColorSync Manager

The ColorSync Manager provides an industry-standard, cross-platform color management system that includes services for color matching, color conversion, and gamut checking. Your application or device driver can use ColorSync to provide fast, accurate, and consistent color calibration, proofing, and reproduction.

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develop article: Print Hints: Synching Up with ColorSync 2.0

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Technote 1160: What's New With ColorSync 2.6 provides a technical overview for ColorSync version 2.6. The new features added for version 2.6 include a Windows API, new AppleScript capability and sample scripts, support for JPEG and GIF file formats for Internet compatibility, grayspace profile for grayscale workflows, improved monitor calibration, updated Photoshop plug-ins that support 16-bit images, and more.

Managing Color With ColorSync
This document describes ColorSync through version 2.5.1. It includes conceptual material, sample code, and a complete API reference. New and enhanced features in ColorSync 2.5 include scripting support, monitor calibration, multiprocessor support, sixteen-bit channel support, and optimized profile searching.

What’s New in ColorSync 2.5
This online document describes the new and enhanced features in ColorSync version 2.5. These features are documented more fully in Managing Color With ColorSync.

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