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Graphics services allow your application to construct, display, manipulate, and print images, including shapes, pictures, and text. QuickTime, Apple’s award-winning multimedia technology, goes beyond graphics to support the use of video, sound, music, 3D, and virtual reality for Macintosh and Windows. Game Sprockets uses both graphics and multimedia to help you build games for the Mac OS.

Apple Game Sprockets
Apple Game Sprockets is a set of libraries that supports the creation of games for the Mac OS. The libraries provide services for working with sound, imaging, user input, and network gaming.
Color Picker Manager
The Color Picker Manager provides a standard user interface for soliciting color choices.
ColorSync Manager
The ColorSync Manager provides an industry-standard color management system that includes services for color matching, color conversion, and gamut checking. Your application or device driver can use ColorSync to provide fast, accurate, and consistent color calibration, proofing, and reproduction.
Cursor Utilities
Cursor utilities are the part of the Mac OS you use to work with the cursor (the small image, typically an arrow, that a user manipulates with the mouse to select objects or areas on the screen). For example, you can get and set the cursor, show and hide the cursor, and animate the cursor.
Display Manager
The Display Manager allows users to dynamically change the arrangement and settings of display devices attached to their Macintosh Computers.
Offscreen Graphics Worlds
An offscreen graphics world is a sophisticated environment for preparing complex color or black-and-white images before displaying them on the screen.
Palette Manager
The Palette Manager provides services for displaying the best set of available colors on displays with limited color capabilities.
Picture Utilities
Picture Utilities provide services for examining the contents of a picture and extracting information such as color, comments, fonts, and resolution.
Printing Manager
The Printing Manager is a collection of system software routines your application can use to print from the Mac OS.
QuickDraw is a collection of system software routines you use to perform most image-manipulation operations in the Mac OS. Color QuickDraw supports the display of up to millions of colors on capable displays. It is available with all new Macintosh computers. Color QuickDraw supports all of the features of basic QuickDraw, which was used in earlier Macintosh computers.
QuickDraw 3D
QuickDraw 3D is a cross-platform graphics library you can use to create three-dimensional models, apply colors and other attributes to parts of the models, and display images of those models on a screen, printer, or other output device.
QuickTime supports the use of video, sound, music, 3D, and virtual reality for Macintosh and Windows.
Sound Manager
The Sound Manager controls the production and manipulation of sounds. You can use the Sound Manager to create and manipulate a wide variety of sounds.
Speech Manager
The Speech Manager provides support for synthesized speech in applications. The Speech Manager is under evaluation for Carbon.

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