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AppleShare is an application that provides file, mail, print, and Web services on Macintosh computers. The AppleShare developer documents describe how your application can extend certain AppleShare features.

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Server Control Calls and Server Event Handling [PDF]
This document describes how to use server control calls and event handlers to extend the capabilities of AppleShare file service. It provides a conceptual overview of AppleShare file service and includes code samples as well as reference material.

AppleShare Registry Library [PDF]
This document describes how to use the programming interface provided by the AppleShare Registry Library to manipulate the AppleShare Registry, which is a database of the registered users who are allowed to log on to an AppleShare server. This document provides a conceptual overview of the Registry and includes code samples and reference material.

AppleTalk Filing Protocol [PDF]
This document updates Chapter 9, AppleTalk Filing Protocol, in Inside Macintosh: Networking. It describes the .AFPTranslator driver, which accepts AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) commands and channels them to the appropriate transport (the data stream interface for TCP/IP and the .XPP driver for AppleTalk).

AppleTalk Filing Protocol 2.1 and 2.2 [PDF]
This document describes commands and data structures that have been added to the AppleTalk Filing Protocol since the publication of Inside AppleTalk, second edition. Specifically, this document describes new commands introduced with AFP 2.1, as well as new bit definitions and attributes for several AFP commands. It also describes changes to commands that were introduced with AFP 2.2.

User Authentication Modules
This document describes how applications can implement client and server user authentication modules (UAMs) that allow AppleShare clients to use third-party schemes, such as Kerberos, Network Information Service (NIS), or Novell Directory Services (NDS), to authenticate themselves to an AppleShare server. For AppleShare 6.2, server UAMs can provide an initialization routine that is called after the AppleShare registry becomes available and before the server is available for general use.

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