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You can use the following technologies to provide network communication capabilities for your program.

AppleShare is an application that provides file, mail, print, and Web services on Macintosh computers. The AppleShare developer documents describe how your application can extend certain AppleShare features.
Communications Toolbox
The Communications Toolbox is a collection of system software technologies that provide your application with basic networking and communications services. For example, you can use the Communications Toolbox to communicate with modems and other telecommunications devices.
Network Services Location (NSL) Manager
The Network Services Location (NSL) Manager provides a protocol-independent way for applications to discover network services that are available in the local network. Your application can use the NSL Manager to obtain a list of network services, display the list, and allow the user to choose and connect to a particular network service.
Open Transport
Open Transport is a communications architecture for implementing network protocols and other communication features on computers running the Mac OS. Open Transport provides a set of programming interfaces that supports, among other things, both the AppleTalk and TCP/IP protocols at the transport level.
URL Access Manager
The URL Access Manager provides routines that allow your application to download data from or upload data to a Universal Resource Locator (URL), including support for automatic decompression of compressed files. In addition, the URL Access Manager provides firewall support, with support for FTP proxy and HTTP proxy servers and for SOCKS gateways.

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