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The Memory Management Utilities provide specialized routines you can use to examine or control certain aspects of the memory environment. Many of these routines are 68K-specific, and most are unnecessary or unsupported in Carbon. You may need to use these routines if your application or driver installs completion routines or interrupt tasks that are executed by the operating system and not directly by your application; if it modifies the addressing mode or converts addresses from one form to another; if it moves executable code in memory; or if it performs DMA operations. You can use the Memory Management Utilities to ensure that your application’s callback routines, interrupt tasks, and stand-alone code can access application global variables or QuickDraw global variables; that your application or driver functions properly in both 24-bit and 32-bit modes; and that data or instructions in the microprocessor’s internal caches remain consistent with data or instructions in RAM.

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(Chapter 4 - Memory Management Utilities)
This document describes the parts of the Mac OS that allow you to directly allocate, release, or otherwise manipulate memory. See Chapter 4 for information about the Memory Management Utilities.

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