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This site is your source for Inside Macintosh books and related programming documentation. You can use this site to find and access documentation for software technologies and programming interfaces supported by Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 8.x updates. Much of this information is also useful for programming in prior versions of the Mac OS.

Use the following pages to find the information you need.

The Mac OS 8 Developer Documentation page lists technologies in related groups. Click any topic to go to a technology page that points to the latest documentation for the topic. The technology page also provides links to Technotes, sample code, and other related information.

The Technology Index lists technologies in alphabetical order. Click any topic to go to the technology page for that topic.

The What’s New page lists recent additions to this site.

The Document Index provides an alphabetical list of available Inside Macintosh documents.

The Function Index provides an alphabetical index to available Inside Macintosh function descriptions.

The Result Code Table page describes function result codes used in the Mac OS.

The Glossary defines technical terms used in Inside Macintosh.

The Legacy Services page describes technologies that are either not supported in Mac OS 8 or have a recommended replacement.

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