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Text Services Manager
The Text Services Manager is the part of the Mac OS that provides an environment for applications to use text services such as input methods. The Text Services Manager handles communication between client applications that request text services and the software modules, known as text service components, that provide them. The Text Services Manager presents two separate programming interfaces to the features it provides: one for applications and another for text service components.

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Supporting Unicode Input
This Mac OS 8.5 document describes how applications and input methods can support Unicode text input by using Text Services Manager 1.5 and Unicode Utilities. Final documentation is not yet available, but you may download a preliminary draft at the Mac OS 8.5 and Developer site.

Inside Macintosh: Text
(Chapter 7 - Text Services Manager)
This System 7 document describes Macintosh text-handling interfaces. See Chapter 7 for a discussion of Text Services Manager 1.0.

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