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Text and Other International Services
The Mac OS provides a variety of highly advanced and flexible text-handling technologies, as well as other international services that support your localization efforts.

Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging (ATSUI)
Your application can use ATSUI to draw and print Unicode text. ATSUI automatically handles many aspects of text display, including simple and sophisticated typography and line layout.
Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities
You can use the Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities to obtain and change information about the current date, time, geographic location, time zone, and units of measurement. The Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities return this information in a format that is best suited to the current writing system, making it easier for you to localize your application.
Dictionary Manager
The Dictionary Manager is the part of the Mac OS that allows you to create dictionaries for input methods and other text services that let the user enter, format, and process text.
Font Manager
The Font Manager keeps track of all fonts available to an application. You can use the Font Manager to determine the characteristics of a font, change certain font settings, favor outline fonts over bitmapped fonts, and manipulate fonts in memory.
Keyboard and International Resources
The keyboard resources specify how keyboard input is converted to text for a particular writing system, language, or region. The international resources specify text handling and display information for a particular writing system, language, or region, including conventions for numeric formats
QuickDraw Text
Your application makes QuickDraw calls to write text to the screen or to a printer. QuickDraw text allows you to set the characteristics of the drawing environment, draw text, measure the width of text, lay out lines of text, determine caret positions, and highlight text.
Script Manager
The Script Manager is at the center of the Macintosh script management system. It initializes script systems and makes them available to applications; it maintains important data structures and provides a standard application interface to script systems; it supports switching text input among different script systems; and it provides several text-manipulation services.
TextEdit is a simple text-processing service that provides basic text-handling for small amounts of text.
Text Encoding Conversion Manager
The Text Encoding Conversion Manager provides two facilities the Text Encoding Converter and the Unicode Converter that your application can use to handle text encoding conversion on the Mac OS.
Text Services Manager
The Text Services Manager is the part of the Mac OS that provides an environment for applications to use text services such as input methods. The Text Services Manager handles communication between client applications that request text services and the software modules, known as text service components, that provide them. The Text Services Manager presents two separate programming interfaces to the features it provides: one for applications and another for text service components.
Text Utilities
Text Utilities are an integrated API for performing a variety of operations on text, ranging from sorting strings to finding word boundaries. Text Utilities work in conjunction with the Macintosh script management system and can take into account the differences in text-handling among script systems. If you use the Text Utilities, you can handle text operations in a manner that is transportable to different parts of the world.
Unicode Utilities
Unicode Utilities allow applications and text service components (such as input methods) to perform various operations on Unicode text, for example, Unicode key translation. Resources defined for use with Unicode Utilities permit control of Unicode-related text behavior, such as the specification of Unicode keyboard layouts.

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