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You can use the following Mac OS utilities to provide extended functionality for your program.

Collection Manager
The Collection Manager implements an abstract data type that allows you to store multiple pieces of related information. This abstract data type is called a collection object.
Control Panels
Control panels provide users with the ability to set preferences for global values or systemwide features. To write a control panel, you work with several Mac OS technologies, including the Finder, Control Manager, Dialog Manager, Event Manager, and Resource Manager.
Control Strip Services
Control Strip Services allow developers to create control strip modules that provide convenient shortcuts to control panels.
Location Manager
The Location Manager provides a user interface for quickly saving and restoring sets of networking, communications, and printing settings.
Mathematical and Logical Utilities
The Mac OS provides a number of utility routines that you can use to perform mathematical and logical operations such as data type conversion, pseudorandom number generation, and simple data compression and decompression.
PowerPC Numerics
PowerPC Numerics is an environment for performing floating-point arithmetic on Macintosh computers that use the PowerPC processor. The core features of PowerPC Numerics are based on IEEE Standard 754 for binary floating-point arithmetic.

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