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Our Server

Our server

CPU: Intel quad-core CPUs
RAM: 32.0GB
HD: SAS/SSD storage for operations, SATA archive storage for Hotline/KDX
Network: Custom deployed edge UTM, Cisco routing
Uplink Primary: 100Mb via Altexxa Group
Uplink CDN: 200Mb+ via Altexxa Group

The server runs Debian Linux on top of VMware ESXi and uses Nginx (HTTP), synHXD (Hotline), and KDX to distribute content. Rack space is provided by Canhost in BC, Canada under partnership with Altexxa Group. We were previously running on a Compaq ProLiant 5500 with a business ADSL link. Our previous hardware is still running in our office location providing other services for local clients. Office connectivity uses Nortel and Cisco switches, Cisco routers, Juniper firewalls, and FreeBSD based access points. Our CDN is powered by Nginx (HTTP) nodes and distributed using CloudFlare.

Our Tracker

One of the newer additions to the Hotline/KDX community is the launch of our tracker service. Server administrators can list on our tracker for more exposure and to advertise the server. Clients may use the tracker for finding servers. To list or view the tracker, use the address with no password. We prefer listed servers to contain no illegal content or pornography, and be accessible by the public for free.

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