The Higher Intellect Software Archive is a collection of applications, games, utilities and operating systems for older computer systems. The files available here are part of a larger collection accessible using Hotline/KDX and connecting to hl.preterhuman.net. We focus mostly on software from the 1980s/1990s for Macintosh/Windows/DOS platforms.

Looking for other retro/vintage computing resources? Check out what else we have to offer!

=> ALTEXXANET – a fun old style website which should render in browsers as old as Netscape Navigator 3.
=> Higher Intellect Technology Museum – this is our own collection of old computing hardware and software.
=> Old Driver Software – a small collection of random Mac/PC driver software.
=> Higher Intellect Blog – latest posts by us with a focus on retro/vintage computing.
=> Paul’s Old Crap – YouTube videos based on the old computing stuff in the preterhuman.net collection.

If you’re interested in some reading materials, you can visit the Higher Intellect text archive sections on NeXTStep/OpenStep, Silicon Graphics, Hotline, CHRP/PReP, Cray, or view everything.