Apple Copland (Beta)

Copland is an unfinished operating system by Apple Computer which was scrapped in favour of the NeXT merger. This was intended to become Mac OS 8 but instead the traditional system core continued up until version 9.2.2, though some elements of the Copland system were incorporated into the old system.

Developed by: Apple Computer
Released: n/a
Requirements: Power Macintosh 6100/7100/8100/8500/9500

Download “Copland D9 Tools Edition (ISO/Zip)” – Downloaded 214 times –

Download “Copland D7E1 (Archive - StuffIt)” Copland%20d7e1(Original%20OS8).sit – Downloaded 76 times –

Download “Copland D11E4 (Archive - StuffIt)” Copland%20D11E4.sit – Downloaded 88 times –