Escape Velocity (Macintosh)

This popular space simulation game also offers a good deal of expansion options with third party plugins, maps, missions, ships, etc. EV Override and EV Nova were the sequels in this series.

The game should be moderately playable on 68030 CPUs but a 68040 will provide smoother play.

Developed by: Ambrosia
Released: 1996
Requirements: 68K, System 7

Download “Escape Velocity 1.0.2 (Archive - StuffIt)” escape-velocity-102.sit – Downloaded 43 times –

Download “Escape Velocity 1.0.3 (Archive - StuffIt)” Escape_Velocity_1.0.3.sit – Downloaded 38 times –

Download “Escape Velocity 1.0.4 (Archive - StuffIt)” Escape_Velocity_1.0.4_%C6%92.sit – Downloaded 35 times –

Download “Escape Velocity 1.0.5 (Archive - StuffIt)” Escape_Velocity_1.0.5.sit – Downloaded 43 times –

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