Hotline Server 1.2.3 (Macintosh)

Hotline Server is a peer-to-peer server application which allows you to host connections from Hotline Client. The suite allows for file transfers, public and private chat, user messaging and central news posts. Even though the Hotline community is nearly gone, you can still use our tracker at to list your server.

The software downloads below feature the 68K and the PPC version in separate archives.

Developed by: Hotline Communications
Released: 1998
Requirements: System 7.5, Open Transport

Download “Hotline Server 1.2.3 68K”

hotline-server-123-68k.hqx – Downloaded 232 times – 315.15 KB

Download “Hotline Server 1.2.3 PPC”

Hotline_Server-1.2.3_PPC.hqx – Downloaded 202 times – 347.78 KB