NCSA Telnet 2.7 (Macintosh)

Telnet software for the Mac developed at the NCSA. Version 2.7b4 was the latest ever released, and the archive named 2.7b5 is claimed to be the source code of what would have been the next version before the project ceased.

Developed by: NCSA
Released: 1995
Requirements: 68K, System 7 (most likely)

Download “NCSA Telnet 2.7b4 68K (Archive - Sit/Binhex)” Telnet-2.7b4-68k.sit.hqx – Downloaded 21 times –

Download “NCSA Telnet 2.7b4 FAT (Archive - Sit/Binhex)” Telnet-2.7b4-fat.sit.hqx – Downloaded 18 times –

Download “NCSA Telnet 2.7b5 SRC (Archive - Sit/Binhex)” 2.7b5src.sit.hqx – Downloaded 19 times –

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