System 7.0.1 (Macintosh)

The System 7 software for Macintosh computers provided numerous features over the previous System 6 software including virtual memory and multimedia with QuickTime/QuickDraw 3D. System 7 also brought in numerous GUI enhancements along with built-in multitasking.

This page contains downloads of version 7.0.1 of the software which included some bug fixes over the original 7.0 release.

Developed by: Apple Computer
Released: 1991
Requirements: Mac Plus or newer, 4MB RAM or more recommended

Download “System 7.0.1 Archive”

MacOS%207.0.1.smi.bin – Downloaded 425 times – 4.91 MB

Download “System 7.0.1 Install Disks (Zip)” – Downloaded 410 times – 2.53 MB